Black Horse Run: An Equestrian Community since 1973

The Architecture Control Committee (ACC) is the community committee that assists homeowners in Black Horse Run (BHR) insures that property improvements and projects are consistent with the overall look and feel of the neighborhood and are in compliance with our Covenants. Because BHR was established as a neighborhood of custom-built homes, the properties have a unique and varied feel to them. This allows for wide latitude in personal tastes and styles.

Black Horse Run has covenants that will help guide homeowners who are thinking of making improvements to houses and other property elements. Homeowners should seek out ACC approval if they are planning:

☒  Installation of Fences.

☒ Installation of Sheds.

☒ Installation of Stables or barns.

☒  Installation of Garages.

☒  Installation of Decks.

☒  Expansion to existing home.

☒ Changes to the footprint of an existing home.

☒  In general, all projects that are replacements or upgrades to existing structures should be submitted to the ACC for review.

☒  In general, any change that would have significant impact on the look of an existing home or property should be submitted to the ACC for review.

Please be aware that as part of the review and approval process the ACC may need to visit your property to access the project.  We will call or email you to set up a convenient time.  Please note that this may delay the approval process.  Please submit this information to the BHR Clubhouse Office.

Forms and Guidelines:

Current Covenants

Project Form

Sample Survey

Sample Project Plan

Guidelines for Residential Projects Dated: November 4, 2018


There are situations where the condition of a house or property can be a cause for concern to other neighbors, especially when poor condition may impact the value of surrounding properties. The ACC committee does its best to remediate the situation by contacting and helping homeowners whose home or property is having an issue.

If you are concerned about the condition of a neighbor’s property, contact the BHR office at 919-847-3131 or If e-mailing, please include ACC in the subject of the e-mail to ensure that your request gets directed to the proper person to help.

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