Black Horse Run: An Equestrian Community since 1973



Everything that exists today in Black Horse Run – from facilities and common areas to underground electrical service – is here because hard-working neighbors have given their time and talent to help make these improvements. Simply put, the neighborhood depends on the help of volunteers to run, and more volunteers means lighter loads for each person.

The current volunteer needs are listed below. If you are interested in signing up to do one of these tasks, or if you can think of another way that you’d like to help, please contact the BHR office at 919-847-3131 or BHRPOA@bellsouth.net.

Volunteer Jobs Available:

  • Social:
    • Memorial Day event: dinner set-up, grilling, pool activities, and clean up
    • 4th of July event: dinner set-up, grilling, pool activities, and clean up
    • Fall Festival: event set-up, games, BBQ competition, kids’ activities, and clean-up
    • 2015 Children’s Christmas Social event chair
  • Fence repair (ongoing): Help neighbors with BHR community fences clean, repair, and paint fences that need help. Materials will be provided.
  • Trail clearing (quarterly): help out clearing brush and limbs on riding trails that might be dangerous to horses or riders.
  • Board members (yearly): Elections are held every November. Submit your name for consideration by writing a brief bio and sending it in to the BHR office by September 30.
  • ACC committee (ongoing): help homeowners seeking to make changes to their homes or property get approval


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